Kutch Rann Mahaotsav

Kutch Rann Mahotsav is one of the most unique and bright festivals you will experience in Gujrat. The cute little place called Kutch gets lit up and it all looks like a fairytale dream. It is one of a kind unique arrangement where the entire city of Kutch is built in tents over the white dessert. This special event is usually conducted during winters where the raw and pure cool air adds the icing on the cake making it an awesome weather.

On a fool moon night over a white desert during winter, you will feel like you are in a different planet altogether. Kutch is not just a typical dessert, it’s a big cultural celebration where people get together to have the most surreal experience. The Gujarat Government has now tried to include this in its annual festival of Rann Utsav as the response over the years has just kept on growing. The visitors who come during this time stay in tents that border the entire stretch of great white Rann. During this period, there are over 400 tents available of varying capacities and facilities. Hence, there are high chances of you finding something according to your budget and needs. Staying in tents during winters on a white dessert alone is an experience of a lifetime. Also it’s so close to Pakistan that you can almost touch it!

This amazing festival of Kutch celebrates the vibrant colors of the region giving you an ethnic high!, This festival also provides a platform for the arts and craft of Gujarat which are put on display and also can be purchased. You can literally spend hours just gliding through the various stalls looking at the finely carved and detailed embroidery on bed linen,  handmade colored leather works that are intricately carved into decorations. For the more curious and prying souls, you can also have a look at some of the local villages,  NGOs and witness local artisans practice their traditional Indian arts which includes rabari emroidery, rogan art and the one of a kind mirror work that only Kutch is famous for. Looking at all those rural artisans, you get a feeling that the world has so much of talent which goes unrecognized. You can also come across colorful kitchen items which are created using the lac-turned wood method in the tiny cute little village of Nirona.  With a steady artistic hand gifted by God, a simple plain piece of wood is quickly converted into a vibrant work of art right in front of your eyes and that is the beauty of Kutch.

Some of the other sightseeing spots you should not miss are Narayan Sarovar which is also called as the Kera Shiv Temple. This temple is over a thousand years old & you can explore a lot more of the by meeting like-minded travellers as well. You can also cover the beautiful Sun Temple of Modhera which is just as marvelous as the Sun Temple of Konark.

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