India as a Tourist Destination

Over 110 crore people, 29states, 22 official languages,63 festivals, 64 cuisines, 1652 mother tongues and accents, 9 recognized religions, 33 religions in General. India is definitely one of the most diverse countries in the world where you will find people of different faiths and beliefs, different outlook and lifestyle living together under one roof.

Each and every corner of India is different but the only thing you will find same is the warmth and welcoming nature of each and every Indian. Unlike foreign countries where people show hostile behavior towards migrants & tourists, our country welcomes everyone from every corner of the world.

In every corner of the world you will find something unique,

Rajasthan-the land of the desserts and palaces is our very own Dubai when it comes to dunes and deserts. Old palaces of royalty, the innocent rural culture, the art will make you feel like you are in some different corner of the world.

The Taj Mahal- a work of art which is amongst the seven wonders of the world, you will be left in awe by the precision, artistry and beauty of the monument which was carried out so many centuries ago when there was no technology.

The adventurous Himachal– land of the pristine crystal clear lakes, uninhibited mountains and one of the most-friendly people will lure you to go there again and again.

Delhi and Mumbai- one of the fastest metro cities in the world, top brands, top restaurants, amazing infrastructure, top companies and investors, work for all and lip smacking variety of food defines these two cities.

Kolkata- the old world retro charm, the sweet Bengali people and their love for rosogullas and amazing varieties of fish dishes will leave you speechless. Also their world famous durgo pujos is something which you need to attend atleast once in your life.

Kashmir– India’s very own Switzerland, ice and ice everywhere, genuine, hygienic and authentic food, breathtaking landscapes and more than courteous people who will make you feel at home.

The seven Sisters of India- Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Assam, Mizoram. Each state has its own beauty which you will not find in any other corner of the world.

Bangalore- One of the most technologically ahead and IT hubs of India is considered to be the next Silicon Valley of India.

Punjab- Makke di roti, sarso da saag and authentic Punjabi cuisine with Patiala glass of lassi in farms with super friendly people and an authentic desi feel.

Goa- The party capital of India, best clubs to party, the most beautiful beaches to relax and foreigners who inhabit this place more than us.

We can just go on and on and on but India will never fail to amaze you. Pristine beaches, monasteries, , centuries old forts, old world architecture, modern infrastructure, places to party, hundreds of cuisine according to your pocket, mountains, snow, warm people and our love are some of the keywords which define India to the Hilt. In fact that’s the reason India receives the highest number of tourists every year amongst all the countries in the world surpassing even Europe and Switzerland since the last 4 years.




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