Christmas in Goa 25/12/2018

Christmas is a festival that is celebrated all over the global with a lot of enthusiasm and joy, cutting across the barriers of religion. But there is a special charm in the Christmas in Goa that sets it apart from celebrations of Christmas anywhere else in India. Being predominated mainly by the Christians, Goa, during this time comes alive in a kaleidoscope of colors and revelry.

Description of Christmas in Goa
During Christmas in Goa, all the streets are lit up and the market places are all decorated with tinsel and buntings. There are Christmas trees shining and glittering in every corner of the streets and inside the houses. All the houses and churches are brightly lit up and decorated. Celebrations start from Christmas Eve when the beautiful harmony and melody of the Christmas carols fill up the pleasant ambiance of Goa and brings the festive mood. The wonderful smell of baking cakes and the songs of the church bells fills up the air that is already vibrant and colorful with the celebrations of the Goa Christmas. There are the parties,morning masses,prayers,the music, shopping,dance and other festivities that all add up to the exotic fiesta that is in sync with the beat of the sea, the sun and Christmas.

Time for celebrating Christmas in Goa
Christmas is celebrated all over the globe on the 25th of December and the celebrations of Christmas in Goa start from the Christmas Eve till the festive spirit lingers on, even after Christmas.

Things you can do in Goa this Christmas 

Go crib hopping around Goa
Get your Christmas spirit up and bring your creativity to the fore by participating in the crib-making and star-making competitions, a cherished Christmas tradition in Goa. Or simply go crib hopping around Goa to check out the most enchanting displays.

Carol singing
Sing along with the lively youngsters with holly in their hair. They go from house to house singing Christmas carols and help soak in the nostalgia of Christmas, so don’t forget to tip them.
Look out for the carol-singing competitions at Kala Academy in Panaji during Christmas week.

Candlelight dinner on a river cruise in Panaji
Drink in the beauty of riverside Goa and open Arabian Sea on an early evening river cruise, as the pretty city of Panaji, in all her Christmas finery, flows by. Folk dance performances and foot-tapping music provided by the live band will add that zing to your romantic dinner, with the lit up riverfront acting as the perfect backdrop.

Be part of a Santa party
Spend some fun time with your family at the exciting Santa parties in town. Get involved in face-painting and cookie decoration. Sing ‘Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer’ at the top of your voice to impress Santa. Also, make time to play Santa this year for those who haven’t got very much. Lend a listening ear at an old age home, gift toys and books to an orphanage or give tummy rubs to the animals at the nearest animal shelter. After all, it’s the season of giving!

Christmas Eve dance
Pull out your bow-tie and kick off those heels and move like never before at the much-awaited Christmas Eve Dance that starts at 2 a.m. on December 25th, soon after the Midnight Mass. Jive, waltz or fox-trot to the local bands strumming those retro numbers or shimmy to the beats of the local Konkani numbers as the fun continues till early morning.

Bonfire parties
Bonfire parties, cookie swap bashes, beach volleyball contests, sand castle competitions and so much more to keep the good times rolling. Feel the wind in your hair and the waves tickling your feet as Goa mesmerises you with its festive magic.

Shopping at Ingo’s at Arpora
Enjoy a fun night out at Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar with its retro styled artisan bazaar, live music, international cuisines and bohemian atmosphere. Haggle over souvenirs, funky jewellery, Christmas decor, knick-knacks and beachwear from all over the world. Hang out at Daniel’s Bar (formally known as Boutique House) and soak in the incredible ambience.

Turtle hatchlings at Galgibaga and Morjim beach
For all you nature lovers, December is the perfect time to observe the rare sight of the olive ridley turtle hatchlings at the quiet and picturesque Galgibaga and Morjim beaches. Take a closer look at these cute little fellas as they make their way back to sea, but remember to leave their nesting grounds unspoilt and undisturbed.

New Year celebrations
Seafood galore, rapturous music and balmy weather- that’s what makes Goa the perfect place to bring in the New Year. Twirl under the stars and stir in the spirits as fireworks crowd the night sky and you’ll literally bring in the New Year with a bang!


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