Goa – Best Places to Visit

Beach bums, party animals, pristine beaches, shacks, happy people, good goan food and a vast variety of drinks at unbelievable prices are some of the keywords which define Goa. It is India’s very own answer to Bangkok and Mauritius where people from different corners of the world throng to this destination which is called the ‘Party Capital of India’. Though there are numerous places where you can enjoy Goa but we will list out the Top 6 which are a must visit if you are in Goa.

Shanta Durga Temple

Amazing architecture, attention to detail and a great history are some of the things which describes this majestic temple. Goa trips would never be complete without visiting Shantadurga Temple. It is known as deity of the Goan Saraswats and maintained by the same people. Temple is maintained very nicely and one can feel divine presence inside. Mother Shantadurga blesses whosoever prays to her with devotion. Devotees and seeker would not leave empty handed for sure.

  1. OLD GOA,

You will feel like you have entered the world of Portugues, the era of black and white world where you will be surrounded by French style buildings, old churches and pristine beaches amongst the merry goan people. It’s a Portuguese style typical goan village which is now a famous tourist destination. You can also find there the 500year old mummy of St. Francis Xavier’s (at Basilica of Bom Jesus) which is still in its original form with its skin on which will make you go in shock and awe at one time. Overall this place is a must visit for its European history and architecture.

  1. Calangute Beach

If you are in Goa and come back without partying from Calangute beach, high chances that either your friends may laugh on you or may assume that you are lying that you went to Goa!. Calangute beach is the most famous beach of Goa, the party destination where you can party till the last drop with amazing aura and people, pristine beach, amazing shacks and a host of foreigners lying on the mud at afternoon and partying whole night!

  1. Shacks and Water Sports at Baga Beach

Baga beach is one of the most famous beaches of Goa after Calangute and in terms of cleanliness and atmosphere, it is actually better than Calangute. Boat rides, dolphin rides, paragliding, surfing, jet racing on water, para-sailing are some of the things which you can do In water sports. While the destination Baga also houses one of the most famous and happening clubs to party which will take you to a different world.

5. Casinos

5 off shores and 3 on-shores casinos are available in Goa where you can legally gamble like a king. It’s a heaven on earth for Gambling lovers. You can literally get a Las Vegas vibe where you can gamble in the state of the art casinos amidst music, food and super amazing people and atmosphere. You get a chance to play a host of world class games like blackjack, sullete, casino war, Indian flush, mini-flush amongst others. When it comes to Casinos, all are good but make sure you go to the Deltin Casino amidst the seas in a 7star luxurious environment. One should also not miss Manovi river at Panji

Goa – Visit 

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