Top 10 Things to do in Majestic Uttarakhand-

One of the most beautiful corners of India is Uttarakhand which is also called as Himachal. Its beautiful & misty Himalayan mountain peaks and its unmatchable charm & aura lures travellers from different corners of the world. This gorgeous & understated state is situated in the northern part of India and has something to offer to each and every kind of traveller. From its innocent ethnic charming villages to super adventurous trekking trails which will give you an adrenaline rush.
For sure, Uttarakhand is a home to & treasures some majestic destinations to fully soothe all your five senses for a surreal experience. .Uttarakhand is a holiday destination state that enthralls visitors with fascinating soaring peaks to climb, thrilling rivers to run with, super chilled hill stations, beautiful temples & monasteries to pray for your sins and dreamy exotic hotels to unwind yourself for a relaxing experience. With a wide list of exciting things to do and see around the majestic Uttarakhand, below mentioned is a list full of fresh hillocks, old heritage sites, holiest of pilgrimage centres which will touch your soul, soothing whimsical rivers & wildlife destinations. There are also camping sites where you can plan your trip on stunning mountains in between the rivers.
1. Dehradun & Mussourie- Hill stations you should not miss
Breath-taking landscapes, stunning snow mountains and backgrounds which will make you feel like you are the hero of some romantic movie, no wonder, it is our answer to the world as our Switzerland.
2. Har-ki-Pairi ghat (footsteps of God)
It is believed that Lord Vishnu placed his footsteps here and dropped along with it some magical divine nector. He also left behind a footprint which attracts thousands of visitors every morning for the Ganga Maha Aarti.
3. Chetan Puriwallah & Prakash lok
Plates served on leaves, the most authentic regional food of Uttarakhand where the thali is unlimited and super tasty. Ohh and yes! You only need to pay for the puris. Prakash lok on the other hand is an haridwar institution which is world famous for its creamy ice cold lassi sold for 50bucks. Ask anyone at bara bazaar and they will guide you to the location.
4. Naini Lake
If beauty can be defined by a location than this majestic lake which is considered to be one of the emerald green eyes of Shivas wife . It was believed that her eyes fell off after she did self immolation of herself. Any boatman will properly guide you about the location.

5. Devraj Coffee Corner & Lovely Omlettes Centre
This old german bakery is a must visit, the coffees served here are considered to be the best in terms of taste which can give big brands a run for their money. Whats more, it is perched above the bridge where you can look across the river to the legendary Sri Tryambakeshwar temple. You can also have some fresh croissants, the unique Yak Cheese and breads there!
While at Lovely, which is a tiny cubbyhole shoplike eatery in Mussourie, it is believed that the most tastiest cheese omletes are served here with chillies, onions and their special spices served with fresh toast. If you are lucky, you can also get a chance to gorge on to their chocolate omlette!
6. Valley of Flowers National Park
Well, this is a place where most of the romantic bollywood movies of the 90s has been shot. The backdrop of the bugyals which are also called high altitude meadows of tall wild flowers is a sight to behold. Above 6000 metres across a fresh breath of cool air in between a bed of flowers is every couples delight.
7. Swarg Niwas and Tryambakeshwar Temple
This place is regarded as heaven on earth. Its a 13storey wedding cake sort of an hindu temple which attracts 7 to 8thousand visitors a day. It is believed that whatever you wish here comes alive. Plus its an architectural marvel at its best.
8. Kumbh Mela.
Kumbh Mela needs no introduction. Its not a festival, its a phenomenon once said Rajiv Gandhi. Naga sadhus and millions of devotees and visitors throng here to wash their sins in the sacred river and attend maha aartis.
9. Corbett Tiger Reserve
Also known as Hailey National Park and established in 196, it is Indias 1st National park which was later renamed after the legendary hunter Jim Corbett who was greatly respected and revered by the local people for his hunting and shooting skills. Jim Corbett developed more cult amongst locals because of his passion to hunt down tigers.
10. Hem Kund
Hem Kund is regarded as one of the most important piligrimage sites in the world for Sikhs. Wont be an overstatement to call it the Mecca of Sikhs. Its completely magical set 4300m above the sea level where there is a sacred lake flanked by stunning seven peaks around where it is believed Sikh Guru Gobind Singh meditated.

11. Mindrolling Monastery
Mindrolling monastery is a place where top leaders, celebrities, corporates have come to relieve their souls and experience pure peace with the clinically spiritual Buddhists.In clement town, everything inside this monastery is grand, the 60m tall grand stupa which is the tallest in the world, murals, Tibetan art and culture in the shrine rooms. Also presiding over this monastery is the stunning 35m high gold Sakyamuni Buddha statue which is made in dedication of the Dalai Lama
12. Little Buddha Cafe
This gorgeous funky treehouse-style restaurant has an uber-loungey top floor with tables overlooking the beautiful Ganges River. You also get really really good international food where Pizzas are huge and the mixed vegetable platter is a one serious feast which will fill your tummy for the day.

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